Tin City

🎶You can’t buy my house. Unless the Board of Health changes their mind🎶

Tin City is a song from our first record.  “Tin City” is also the nickname of the trailer park I lived in.  Lots of interesting people there (as an aside, a lot of what “So Strange” from our latest record is about is based on conversations I heard my neighbors having through the paper-thin trailer walls).  My trailer caught fire once in the Winter. Couldn’t get to the fire extinguisher so I and a neighbor put out the fire with snow!  

🎶You can’t drive my car. You’ll never get it to start. You can’t drive my car. You haven’t got all the right parts🎶

“All the right parts” isn’t a sexual reference. My cars were always so crappy I had to carry spare parts and tools at all times for roadside repairs. I think I spent more time pushing them than driving em! 

We were going for a New York a Dolls vibe on this one.  Brings back memories…