Lonely Boy

This was a bit of a strange one for us. It started as a swinging acoustic track and Tony transformed it into what you hear today.  He’s playing the jazzy keyboard parts and Fred plays the jazzy drums.  I’m on vocals and of course I added slide guitar ( what else could I do lol).  This one was influenced by the Doors (I gave a little homage on the song’s coda).  The guy in the song is having a tough time in his love life (to say the least).  This is turning out to be one of my favorite tracks on the record (thanks Tony!)

So Strange

“Loving you is hard enough. Loving you means saying no. Loving you is so strange. It means nowhere else to go.” 

This track started off as an acoustic demo done using these:

I brought the song to Tony and Fred and it became more “countryfied”.  I enjoyed playing the pedal-steel influenced guitar solo. Our friends the Inflatable Girls provided back up vocals on this one.  Tony came up with the middle bit (with the string sounds) . I added the U2-ish guitar part.  

The song is about being in a love-hate relationship that you really can’t pull yourself out of.  One of my favorite tracks on our new record. 

Liner notes for Let’s Pretend 

Liner notes for Let’s Pretend
Let’s Pretend – Dirk (guitar, vocals), Tony (Bass), Fred (Drums) 
My Kinda Crazy – Dirk (guitar, vocals), Tony (Bass), Fred (Drums)
Love At Any Cost – Dirk (guitar, vocals), Tony (Bass, Keyboards, Vocals), Fred (Drums), The Inflatable Girls (Vocals) 
Roxanne – Dirk (guitar, Vocals), Tony (Bass), Fred (Drums)
She Moves Like Sculpture – Dirk (guitar, Vocals), Tony (Bass), Fred (Drums)
Let’s Send The Kids – Dirk (guitars, vocals, mandolin), Tony (Bass, Keyboards, Synths), Fred (Drums), The Inflatable Girls (Vocals)
Sparks Fly – Dirk (guitar, Scratchy Guitar, Vocals), Tony (Bass, Synths), Fred (Drums)
So Strange – Dirk (guitar, acoustic guitar, Vocals), Tony (Bass, Synths), Fred (Drums), The Inflatable Girls (Vocals)
Lonely Boy – Dirk (Vocals, Slide Guitar), Tony (Keys, Bass, Synths), Fred (Brushed Drums) 
She Just Cries – Dirk (guitar, vocals), Tony (Bass, Synths, Sax), Fred (Drums, Synths), The Inflatable Girls (Vocals)
D.I.Y. Already – Dirk (guitar, Vocals), Tony (Bass), Fred (Drums)
The Crystal Ship – Dirk (guitar and Vocals)
Go, Go Girl – Dirk (guitar, Vocals), Tony (Bass, Sax, Synths), Fred (Drums)
Vampire Polo Hat – Dirk (Acoustic Guitar and Vocals), Tony (Synths)
Destiny’s Calling – Dirk (guitar, Stun Guitar, Vocals), Tony (Bass, Keyboards), Fred (Drums), The Inflatable Girls (Vocals)
Laser Tattoo Removal – Dirk (Acoustic Guitar and Vocals), Tony (Percussion and Vocals), Fred (Percussion and Vocals)
So This is How it Ends – Dirk (guitar and Vocals), Tony (Bass), Fred (Drums), The Inflatable Girls (Vocals), Jimmy Packes (Lead Guitar) 
All original songs by Rubber Clown Car except “So This is How it Ends” by T. Pantalones
Roxanne by The Police

Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift

The Crystal Ship by The Doors
Special thanks to The Inflatable Girls for vocals (Thanks Ladies!)
Big thanks to Jimmy Packes 

Twitter: @axxepackes 


http://www.reverbnation.com/jimmypackes. For Lead Guitar on “So This is How It Ends”. Brilliant playing man! Let’s do it again sometime
CD artwork by the lovely and talented KLNowe Instagram: KLNowe. Thanks so much!
And last ( but not least) thanks to all the fans and supporters of Rubber Clown Car. You make doing this all worthwhile. Love you all! 
Rubber Clown Car is:
Dirk, Tony & Fred
Twitter: @rubberclowncar

Website: www.rubberclowncar.net

ITunes – http://iTunes.apple.com/U.S./artist/rubber-clown-car/id189358038

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Let’s Send the Kids to War

Many have asked if this is an “anti-war” song.  I’m not sure if that’s it or more of a cautionary tale about the flippancy that accompanies the use of military force.  Members of the military, their families and loved ones make a great sacrifice, and that should not be diminished.

This track began as a acoustic guitar, bass and drum demo.  Electric guitar and mandolin were then added.  The middle bit was originally designed to be more of marching drum sound, but we changed our minds.  Tony overdubbed keyboards and Fred overdubbed tom-toms during the middle eight portion.  

We’re not really a “political” band per se , but are a “person” band 

She Moves Like Sculpture

This track is based on a riff I’ve had lying around forever.  Tony, Fred and I jammed for a while and came up with the verse music.  The breakdown was improvised and Tony doubled the guitars and added effects.  When it came time for vocals all I had was the title and the line “Molasses for the masses”.  The rest of the lyrics are improvised ( including the Yardbirds reference).  Your guess is as good as mine! 


We love this song. Andy Summers guitar, Copeland’s drums, Sting’s bass & voice. Classic track.  During our tour for our first record (Make the Noise) we would play gigs and run out of songs.  We would jam on this song and really came to love it.  We played it from memory for this recording (and probably wrong).  Fred is a hard rock/metal drummer at heart by he really grooves on this track.  He and Tony didn’t think I could hit the vocal notes anymore.  I think I showed them lol!  We always try to pick cover songs we can do something with.