Laser Tattoo Removal

This is a track we originally did as a full band (drums-bass-guitar).  We liked the song so much we wanted to try it stripped down acoustically.  Tony & Fred provided some of the “Tat-Tat-Tat” vocals on the coda.  The song is about a guy who’s got a girlfriend that’s got interests he’s just now learning about.  Hey, gotta keep em on their toes, right?  

Our fans tend to like our acoustic stuff so we’ll always have that in our style. 

Destiny’s Calling

I had the basic riff for this song for a long time.  Some of these songs kinda stay in the incubator for a while before they’re ready to hatch.  This song is written from the persective of a guy seeing his ex with a new man, and watching the new guy make the same mistakes. đŸŽ¶Do you give her credit for feelings she never had?đŸŽ¶ pretty much tells you this guy is in over his head. 

It’s a simple drums-bass-guitar backing, with some keyboards in the middle 8. And of course backing vocals by the incredible Inflatable Girls.   

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Vampire Polo Hat

Despite the slightly strange title (I’ve got notebooks full of em) this track is about a serious subject.  It’s about a woman trying to find the courage to get out of an abusive relationship.  She shows a brave face to everyone else, but she still struggles to break free (đŸŽ¶Moon pulls tideđŸŽ¶).  This one kinda wrote itself. I was sitting quietly and just grabbed a notepad (and mechanical pencil of course) and wrote the lyrics.  The song came together quickly & Tony added a few synth bits later.  It’s been described as “haunting beautiful” & is one of my favorite tracks on “Let’s Pretend”  


Go, Go Girl

We all love the Replacements.  Paul Westerberg is an idol of mine. I love his lyrics and the Replacements “oh fuck it, let’s go for it” style. 

Go, Go Girl is one of my favorite songs off our new record. I love the lyrics. It’s the story of a spoiled girl who always gets her way.  Tony plays some sax bits here which really add to the feel of the song.  We do a lot of styles but sometimes it’s fun to just crank the amps and let it rip!  And I know our fans are really enjoying this one.

D.I.Y Already

D.I.Y. Already was written for a project on the @nottywood show.  The focus was “anti-Grammies”, due to the homogeneous nature of the music normally found there.  We have nothing against the Grammies, and actually enjoy some of the music for what it is.  We took this opportunity to write a song about our philosophy of music, which is definitely D.I.Y.  

The chorus riff is from a song from another of our records (self-plagiarized!), but what the hell.  Basic drums-bass-guitar (the basis of most of our songs) sets this one up.   Lyrically this one speaks to auto tuning, and boredom with the state of most commercial music today.  

We love to work with other artists , but our hearts are always in D.I.Y

She Just Cried

This one started out as a Motown style pop song but (as is usually the case with us) mutated into something a little different. Tony added some “sitarist” sounding bits and even played saxophone on the track.  Fred always amazes me with his creativity.  These guys are always a blast to write and record with because I never know where it’ll go.