Tin City

🎶You can’t buy my house. Unless the Board of Health changes their mind🎶

Tin City is a song from our first record.  “Tin City” is also the nickname of the trailer park I lived in.  Lots of interesting people there (as an aside, a lot of what “So Strange” from our latest record is about is based on conversations I heard my neighbors having through the paper-thin trailer walls).  My trailer caught fire once in the Winter. Couldn’t get to the fire extinguisher so I and a neighbor put out the fire with snow!  

🎶You can’t drive my car. You’ll never get it to start. You can’t drive my car. You haven’t got all the right parts🎶

“All the right parts” isn’t a sexual reference. My cars were always so crappy I had to carry spare parts and tools at all times for roadside repairs. I think I spent more time pushing them than driving em! 

We were going for a New York a Dolls vibe on this one.  Brings back memories…


The Girl with Something Extra

This track almost didn’t make it on the record.  We were pretty much finished when we were sitting around watching movies. “Hedwig & the Angry Inch” was on (cool movie BTW, great soundtrack).  We were inspired by the track “Angry Inch” and came up with “Girl”.  Kinda reminds me a little of Material Issue in a way.

Guitar, bass & drums on this one. Tony came up with the “Oh La La La” bit. Used my Teisco copy guitar 

Bridge is so bad it sounds distorted without an amp!  Ran it through the HiWatt for extra punch.  

This one turned out to be a fan favorite from our debut record 

Make The Noise

History Never Repeats

History Never Repeats is also from our debut record. This one features acoustic guitar, electric guitar with volume pedal, and various percussion . 

🎶Parking lot nights locked in lover’s embrace.  Seem so long ago, doesn’t matter now🎶 

It’s lamenting a love affair that’s gone, but both people can’t quite get over it

🎶We see each other on the street. Are we really trying not to meet?🎶

History Never Repeats



Home in the Suburbs

Home in the Suburbs (from our debut record “Make the Noise”) was the first song we wrote as a group.  It’s about my parent’s dream of the suburbs & how it would solve all our problems (it didn’t). 

🎶 I drink every night just to deaden the pain.  My boss and my job they’re driving me insane. It’s a pain in the ass, I quit my job every week.  But they’re so hard to find, they’re even harder to keep🎶

The music came together pretty quickly. I had the main riff floating around in my head for a while.  Guitars were done through a cranked up Fender Deluxe 

The solo was done by basically linking all my distortion pedals are cranking them up till it sounded right.  We were really happy with how the song turned out, and it reflected how we sounded at the time.  

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