Monthly Archives: September 2015

She Moves Like Sculpture

This track is based on a riff I’ve had lying around forever.  Tony, Fred and I jammed for a while and came up with the verse music.  The breakdown was improvised and Tony doubled the guitars and added effects.  When it came time for vocals all I had was the title and the line “Molasses for the masses”.  The rest of the lyrics are improvised ( including the Yardbirds reference).  Your guess is as good as mine! 


We love this song. Andy Summers guitar, Copeland’s drums, Sting’s bass & voice. Classic track.  During our tour for our first record (Make the Noise) we would play gigs and run out of songs.  We would jam on this song and really came to love it.  We played it from memory for this recording (and probably wrong).  Fred is a hard rock/metal drummer at heart by he really grooves on this track.  He and Tony didn’t think I could hit the vocal notes anymore.  I think I showed them lol!  We always try to pick cover songs we can do something with. 

My Kinda Crazy

“My Kinda Crazy. That’s just who you are. Face it baby you’re a star”. 

This track was an attempt to get a Adolfo Paul Westerberg/Keith Urban vibe (“Missed it by a mile” – Tony).  Drums, bass and guitar done together to get the groove going.  The lyrics are about telling a woman not to worry about day-to-day issues in life and just let it all go.  She feels like she’s “crazy” She’s my kinda crazy.   Also dedicated to our fans who have been known to be crazy as well!  

Let’s Pretend

Let’s Pretend is the lead off track from our new record. Featuring driving bass, drums and chiming guitar this one was written about feeling like you want to get out of your own skin for a while.  The line “Let’s pretend we’re John, George, Ringo.   I’ll pretend I’m a circus clown” is about friends of mine who are in a Beatles tribute band (I was in it for a while).  They continue to do these songs, while ignoring their own original music.  I was chastised when I left for wanting to follow my own creative direction.  Nothing against tribute bands but I’d rather be known for being me.  I played my favorite guitar (Gibson Es-335) and HiWatt amp cranked up for this one.  Tony played his Fender Precision through an Ampeg amp.  Fred plays a hybrid Tama/DW kit (he mixes stuff up a lot).  Fred plays some nice fills on this track.  The lyric during the break is pretty self-explanatory…..  Big Bob Mould influence on this song (thanks Bob, you rock!).   So that’s the lead off track…..